Sinocare Sannuo GA-3 100pcs/200pcs Blood Glucose Test Strips Bottled and 100pcs Lancets for GA-3 Diabetes


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1. Comparable with GA-3 Glucometer only.
2. Please run out of the bottled test strips within 3 months once you open it.

Package included:

100/200 x Test strips bottled
100/200 x Lancets

1, How to use GA-3 blood glucose meter?
a, Clean: Use an alcohol swab to clean your fingers (except for iodine), and wait for the alcohol volatilize thoroughly, to prevent affecting the measured values.
b, Blood sampling: Use lancing device to pierce your finger and let the test strip to collect blood sample.
C, Get values: Insert the test strip into the meter and wait for 10s.

2, Normal range for type 2 diabetes (just for reference):
Fasting blood glucose (FBG): 3.9-7.2mmol/L (70-110 mg/dL).
Postprandial blood sugar (2 hours after a meal): 4.4-8.0mmol/L (70-140mg/dL).

3, Is the test value accurate?
Occasionally a deviation of the blood sugar value is due to incorrect use, food effects, and mood changes. Suggestion is that to test blood glucose value for serval day continuously and regularly, then make a reference.

4, Can I reuse the lancet?
No. Lancet is one-time used medical device, please don't reuse to prevent infection.
In addition, the number of test strips and lancets is matched, so there's no need to reuse.

5, Whether low battery can affect the test values?
No. In case of low battery, the meter will display battery icon and E-1, at that time, you should exchange the batteries.

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100 test strips, 200 test strips

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