Copyright Policy and DMCA Notice, for

at we highly value and respect the intellectual property rights of others and we expect our users to do the same. Our Copyright Policy outlines the steps we take to address any claims of copyright infringement on our website. Provides guidance on how to submit a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice.

How to Report Copyright Infringements;

If you believe that any material available on our website violates your copyright please promptly inform our designated Copyright Agent using the contact details provided below. Your notification should include;

A signature, either electronic or physical from the copyright owner or someone authorized to act on their behalf.
Identification of the copyrighted work alleged to have been infringed or a representative list if multiple works are involved.
Details about the material claimed to be infringing or subject to infringing activity that needs removal or disabling access. You should also provide information that helps us locate this material.
Information, for us to contact you such as an address, phone number and email if available.

If you believe that the material being used without authorization doesn’t align with the copyright owners wishes please state so, in faith. Confirm that the details provided are accurate and declare under penalty of perjury that you are acting on behalf of the owner of an infringed exclusive right.

To issue a DMCA Takedown Notice;

forward your notification to our assigned Copyright Agent via this email address;

Email; [email protected]

Upon receiving a notification regarding copyright infringement we follow these guidelines;

Remove or disable access to the infringing content.
Inform the content provider, member or user about the removal or disabled access.
Take actions against repeat offenders, which may include account termination.

Counter Notification Procedure;

If you believe your material was mistakenly removed or disabled due, to misidentification you have the option to file a counter notification with us. Your counter notification should include;

Your electronic signature.
Details of the removed/ material. Where it was located before being taken down.Under penalty of perjury you must affirm that you genuinely believe the material was taken down or disabled, due to an error or misidentification. Provide your name, address and phone number along with a statement consenting to the jurisdiction of the district court where you reside. If you are outside the United States agree to any district where the service provider operates and accept service of process from the person who reported the alleged infringement.

In closing;

Here at we prioritize safeguarding copyright owners rights. Upholding compliance with copyright regulations. We appreciate your cooperation, in maintaining an lawful community.

Should you have inquiries. Require assistance regarding copyright matters feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].